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About Us

iTrend® was started with the simple premise that by digitizing the monitoring and administration of therapies, both patients and medical care teams can exponentially improve the Quality of Life (QoL) of patients in a number of chronic disease illnesses. The company blends advanced cardiovascular expertise and deep knowledge of clinical research with an extensive experience in data centralization services and digital technologies brought by the three founders.

Our main mission is to design and administer disease management applications encapsulating the main components of the patient medical care cycle and to focus primarily on patient compliance with prescribed treatments.
Our goal is to offer a comprehensive companion software platform to empower both patient and medical care givers through collaborative technologies that extends to the entire healthcare ecosystems including pharmaceutical companies and payors.

Our Vision

Multi-factorial Strategies

Despite the number of healthcare actors, patients are on their own during their therapy especially between physicians visits.

Medication-taking behavior is extremely complex and individual, requiring numerous multi-factorial strategies to improve adherence.
iTrend® uses technology and profiling to answer the following issues:

Disease Management
Patient Engagement
Adherence to Treatment
Active Follow-up
Quality of Life Management

Our Solutions

Pills Plus Solution

Manages drug intake: reminders and alerts, education programs, …
Provides tele-monitoring capabilities through connected devices
Provides information on prescribed treatment: “Companion Software”
Performs Patient profiling for education/motivation plans
Optimizes treatment management and follow up
Offers a collaborative platform between patients and medical care givers
Smart data platform: Valuable feedback for Pharma, Payers, Institutions, …

Our Offering


e-Health Solutions

A digital platform designed to provision medical disease applications by capturing and disseminating ‘Smart’ Medical Data to the right person at the right moment.

It is this pervasive exchange of ‘Smart’ Medical Data and its integration with Patient Support Program (PSP’s) that encapsulating digital intelligence that constitute the core of the value-add of the iTrend® offering.

This is the foundation of a fully spelled-out ‘Beyond the Pill’ platform which extends the management scale of medical care beyond the simple treatment by adding technology and services to maximize adherence to therapies and increase the effectiveness of prescribed drugs.

The iTrend® Platform is focused on managing the provision and monitoring of treatment/care on specific diseases. This is achieved through two main components:

A Patient Support Program (PSP) encapsulating the symptoms/conditions/treatment protocols of a distinct disease; and utilizing
A Medical data platform which manages the provision of treatment through its scheduling, monitoring, alerting, and many other capabilities.

The PSP contains the data intelligence associated with a specific disease and is comprised of four main sections:

A Disease Information section which contains general information about the disease, about the symptoms and the data relating to it;
A Motivation Plan which includes the specific treatment plan, tailored to the patient including medication tracking and notification, lifestyle and motivation scheme, education plan, visits and call schedule, with the ability to customize the plan;
Documents and Links relating to the disease that the physician chooses to assign to the patient to read; and
A Notification Triggers section which helps physician and patient better track the provision of prescription drugs and other medical protocols.

The PSP is supported by a standard set of data engines which serve multiple purposes in managing the care cycle:

The Patient Record engine allows the tracking of the socio-demographics attributes of the patient. This data can be completely anonymized and allows the platform to interface with other EHR platforms
The Medical Record engine stores and manages all records that physicians choose to include (xRays, Test, ….)
A Messaging engine for communication between patients and medical care personnel including the physician of course
A Notification/Alert engine for tracking and alerting medication intake and measurement thresholds
An e-Document engine to allow the transmission of electronic documents
A Collaboration engine allowing information and cases interchange between identified users (Physicians and Patients)
A Connected Device engine managing patient monitoring through medical connected device(s)
A Medical Card engine enabling interfacing with payer systems
A Scheduling engine

Clinical Research, Data Centralization

iTrend® provides various services to the different actors in the healthcare sector and the clinical research field.

Because of its large experience, iTrend® is focusing its services to the cardiovascular area where its expertise is recognized internationally.

The services developed by iTrend® include large number of the cardiovascular investigations techniques such as:

Pressure Measurements:
  • Clinic
  • HBPM (Home Blood Pressure Measurement)
  • ABPM (Ambulatory Blood Pressure Measurment)
  • Clinic
  • Holter 24 hour
  • Stress test
Arterial Hemodynamic:
  • Central BP
  • PWV, etc…
  • Intima-Media Thickness
  • Echocardiography

Based on a consultative approach to analyze the specific needs for each clinical study, the services provided by iTrend® include:

of Investigator
Software Development
for Data Management
& Statistical Analysis

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